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Indian Zodiac -  13° 20' - 26°40' Aries

BHARANI -the heralder of Venusian energy can be translated as BEARING STAR OR ONE WHO BEARS represented by a female sex organ vagina, which directly related to WOMB (the bearer).

This naksthra functions as feminine side of nature RECEIVE HOLD NURTURE AND DESTROY (process of giving birth to a child)

BHARANI is the doorway between different worlds just like a soul taking finding a entry into physical world from astral world. This fact is justified by its deity YAMA the god of death who takes away the soul from body (Vedic texts)

Bharani the womb carries things for several weeks before it finds manifested in material world. Just as a pregnant woman carries a child and suddenly the water burst one day unpredictable is the word that best suits for this functioning

This mode can be attributed to sudden revolutions occurring in people mind for several days months and suddenly takes a severe form suddenly.

Here bharani is an extreme nakshatra touching two sides of life extremely .

Bharani is represented by desire aspect of nature (desire to experience all the things surrounding) just like children become harsh or cruel when ever they don’t get their wishes done bharani types too turn cruel hence it is cruel nakshatra.

Bharani just jumps from one form to another (entering into new streams) without proper guidance leading to confusion just like young teens after puberty with desires and dilemma is purely a bharani energy. This can be justified as bharani resides in aries ruled by mars and owned by venus which creates attraction between two opposite poles. Also have a deep creative urge (venus energy).

When properly channeled bharani types can become occultists and enter and win universal pursuits.

Bharani is an explosive naksthra ( as we discussed above ) can be ascribed as an outcaste naksthra which cannot be controlled by any societal structure

Fertility centers ,gynecologists , surgeons, fertile industries, coffin makers, professions involving sex and glamour ,high courts, exotic night clubs are the best examples which carry bharani energies

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